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How To Enlarge Lips Naturally

How to redden your lips with honey
In addition to good health for the body, honey can also redden your lips naturally. Apply honey to the lips every day on a regular basis. Allow 15 minutes, then wash with warm water.

How to Lend Your Lips With Lemon
Lime than can be used to remove blackheads and acne, lemon is one way of letting the lips naturally. Lime can fade black on the lips. Prepare lime juice 2 tablespoons and warm water 2 tablespoons. Combine lime juice and warm water, then stir. Apply to your lips and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Olive oil
How to redden your lips with olive oil
Clean your lips from lipstick until clean first. Combine honey or sugar with a few drops of olive oil. Rub the olive oil mixture on your lips. Wait and rinse with clean water.

Rose water
How to redden lips with rose water
Rose water can make red lips without using lipstick. Rub the rose water on the lips before going to bed. How to use this rose water can be done every day.

How to lend your lips with butter
Butter has the property to make your lips red naturally. Apply a little butter evenly to the lips. Do it before going to bed.

How to redden your lips with turmeric
Turmeric which is a spice plant, also has benefits for how to redden the lips naturally. Combine turmeric powder with 1 tablespoon of milk. Stir until blended and apply to the lips for about 5 minutes, then wash with water.

How to Extend Hair Longer

Olive oil
Olive oil can be useful to help soften dull hair to become more lustrous while helping to nourish hair and scalp. Using olive oil can be used as a hair oil, but if you like the olive oil scent you can wear for half to 1 hour, then after that rinse thoroughly.

Egg whites
Eggs used on the egg whites that have a high protein content and can be useful to help the formation of new hair and hair growth will be faster. How to use You can use on hair for 15 minutes thoroughly and evenly, then rinsed thoroughly so as not to cause odors. Can also be egg white is mixed with olive oil for maximum results.

Coconut milk
Using coconut milk is one of the fastest ways to lengthen the hair that is often used. By using coconut milk, hair becomes softer and more shiny. If the coconut milk is used regularly, it can be seen a fairly significant result in hair growth. Do it this way 3-4 times a week. Use coconut milk about 300 to 500 ml to the scalp and hair evenly. Close the existing hair of coconut milk with a warm towel, then let stand for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

Coconut water
Coconut water is rich in protein, potassium, and iron so it can be used by the elderly as a natural hair care ingredient. Use coconut water on the hair evenly and let up overnight, to be able to help hair growth and strengthen hair. Then after that rinse with shampoo so that the hair does not become sticky.

the benefits of spinach

Spinach or Amaranthus spp is one of the plants that are usually grown to be consumed leaves for use for green vegetables. This spinach plant itself comes from tropical America but now it has spread all over the world. Spinach is also known as a vegetable which is an important source of iron.

Spinach contains various nutrients needed by the body. Spinach is a source of vitamins A and K, manganese, magnesium, folate, fiber, protein, calcium and so on. Spinach is also low in calories. This makes spinach one of the most nutritious foods and the amazing benefits of spinach for your health


1). Lose weight

Well, the first benefit is definitely favored by many women. The benefit of the first walking routine is to lose weight. Of course if you are overweight then you will feel lazy even just walking. In addition to making an attractive appearance, weight loss will also make your body more refreshed. And do not get tired quickly. Walking can help you lower and get your desire to be healthy. Walk in the morning with a specified distance of 200 to 500 meters each morning. Then you will be able to lose weight without having a strict diet.
2). Maintain heart healthHeart performance is related to blood circulation. While heart attack is the main disease that most feared many people, may include you. it turns out walking or regular exercise on foot can lower your chances of having a heart attack. Because exercise routine can help your heart keep pumping blood well and pass it around the body. Do the morning walk every day while breathing fresh air, it can help your heart's performance better.

Advantages to Sleep Faster

1. Weight loss
"People who stay up late will tend to eat until late at night, and eat is actually not because of hunger," said Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD.He warned that eating past from the dinner hour will cause calories stored in the body.In addition, You want to enjoy certain foods during the night, you usually skip breakfast the next day, so your energy will be reduced and will tend to overeat during the day, according to Rafael Pelayo, MD, a professor of Sleep Medicine at Stanford University.Sleep more soundly
2.Studies show that late night sleeping habits, especially until early morning, can cause insomnia. In addition to being more difficult to fall asleep, you also become more difficult to stay in sleep. It's not fun, is not it, when you wake up at night and have trouble going back to sleep?

Benefits of Fruit Beets for Body Health

Bits of beetroot or red beet is a kind of reddish purple tuber. The shape resembles potatoes as well as the benefits of beets are also found in the roots and stems. Usually fruits are consumed by way of juiced or processed again into a meal with a soft texture.

Although the leaves can be cooked to be used as vegetables, beets are better known for their tubers that contain many health benefits for the body. Bit fruit contains high carbohydrates but fat content, calories and protein is very low. So very good consumed for those who are undergoing diet program. The content of betasianin (purple pigment) and betasantin (yellow pigment) contained in the beet is what makes the color becomes dark purplish red. Due to this dense color, bits are also often used as natural food coloring.

Benefits of Mango Fruit for Health

Prevention of Macular Degeneration
Zeaxanthin antioxidant substances are found in mangoes that filter out blue light rays, which are thought to play a protective role in eye health and may counteract damage from macular degeneration. A high intake of fruits (3 or more servings a day) has been shown to decrease the risk and development of age-related macular degeneration.

Helps Digestion
Mango has enzymes that help destroy the fat and protein content of the foods we eat. Then the fiber content of the mango helps in digestion naturally, which facilitates the removal of residual digestion.

High Iron For Women
Mango is rich in iron, so it can be a natural solution for people suffering from anemia. In addition, mango is also good for menopausal women or being pregnant, since mangoes will increase their iron and calcium levels at the same time.